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The Witsoft Payroll Manager fully manages and administers the entire Payroll and Taxation processes and automatically tracks the earnings, deductions and benefits for the purposes of reporting to Employees, Government Agencies Accounts Department and Management. The system also manages Costing Distribution, Banking Services, Payroll History Tracking, online verification of Data entry, Comprehensive Security and Integration to General Ledger, Financial Systems and other Human Resources Management Products.


The Witsoft Time and Attendance manager is the most innovative time and attendance labor management system that has been developed with the Kenyan labor and pay processes in mind and it fully automates collection, processing and reporting of employees and workers attendance records and the data is then transferred to the Witsoft payroll manager for further computation of normal salaries and wages, overtime and recovery of lost time or to any other third party payroll application.


Is your order management software giving you all the features you need to run your business efficiently? Do you know which inventory you're out of and when to reorder more? Order management is such a critical process that it can very well make or break your business. Trying to remember when, how much, and from whom to order can become very frustrating and time consuming. Don't settle for overpriced software when you can get better functionality for a fraction of the cost. Our Inventory system gives you complete confidence in your order management. With our Inventory system, you can manage everything from purchasing and receiving to shipping and selling, all in one powerful, user-friendly system. Quickly jump between work orders, purchase orders, and sales orders to stay on top of your business processes in real time. Streamline all of your order management so you can simply pick, pack and ship!


  • See the entire warehouse management process
  • Run a more efficient warehouse
  • Monitor multiple vendors’ performance
  • Pick, pack, and ship products efficiently
  • Set up automatic reorder points for products
  • Track inventory in many warehouses
  • Save time by locating products quickly
  • Balance inventory levels across the board
  • Eliminate overstocks and shortages
  • Instantly convert units of measure

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